Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Next Project

There are many reasons why your should choose WordPress for your next web project. One of the first reason is that its free. Its both free as in free beers, and its open source. You can go to wordpress.org and download the source code and install it on your own web server, or you can go to wordpress.com and sign up for a free account on a shared web server. The .com-version does not have all the features as if you have your own installation. But if you install it yourself on your own web server, you can install what ever theme or plugin you like. That is not something you should do, without knowing that there aren’t any security holes in the plugin’s (or theme’s) code first.

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Managment System) out there today, and many of the largest sites online is using it. In the beginning WordPress was meant for blogs, but in the later years it’s well suited for any kind of web project you can think of. At the moment there are about 3000 free themes and over 30000 free plugins on the WordPress website, and many more spread over the internet. If you have knowledge in web development, you can easily create your own themes and plugins too.

There are also a huge community around WordPress, so if you get stuck with something, you can easily find a solution for it free online.

If you want to learn how to develop themes, plugins or how to customize WordPress in any way, there are literally thousands of tutorials all over the internet.

WordPress is also very search engine friendly right out of the box, and there are some very good plugins that can help you really fine tune the Search Engine Optimization. WordPress is the best choice if you are working on an affiliate site or something like that.

WordPress suits both small and large websites, so if you start with a small personal website, there is no danger that you will outgrow it later when your website is getting larger and more complex.

But, when WordPress is getting more and more popular and where are more and more websites using WordPress, it starts being a more and more popular target for hackers. As a WordPress user, you have to make sure that you are using secure passwords, and updates the system as soon as ther are coming updates to both the base system, and the plugins and themes you are using.

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