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For a few years ago, I was very active in the Linux world. I was developing, translating and I even was Team Leader one year for the Swedish Ubuntu Community. Since then I have been working in both Mac OS X- and Windows-environment. But I feel more and more that I miss the Linux environment. OS X is quite okay to work in as a web developer, but I feel a bit too locked in, in that system. Windows is like a nightmare in every way.  It’s a terrible environment to work in, and we hardly need to talk about the security and privacy bit of the system. I’m very interested in computer security and I want to have control over my privacy when writing something on my computer or checking something up on the internet.

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So, a new year has past, and now we have arrived at 2014. This blogpost will be a short report about the last year, and some thoughts about what 2014 hopefully will bring.

I have been Team Leader for the Swedish Ubuntu Community now for about eight months now, I think. It has been a very awarding time, but also a very frustrating time. The Loco here in Sweden has not been working that great the last couple of years, but with a lot of work, it’s on the right track now. Hopefully it will be less arguing and fighting on the message board, and we all start working together to bring Ubuntu to the masses.

There has been to much time and effort just to make peace between the members. At least it feels like I got a few members start working for the Ubuntu development, with translations and advertising for the operating system.

I have been testing Ubuntu on my Nexus 4 mobile phone too. I was quite skeptical in the beginning, but after I have tried in “in real life”, I think they are doing a great work with the system. Canonical will be the first to make an operating system that is working on all platforms. The same system om computers, tablets, mobile phones, tv’s. At the moment I have both Ubuntu and Android 4.4.2 dual booting on the phone, since I’m working on some apps for android too. Hopefully I will start making some small apps for the Ubuntu phone too.

Ubuntu for the mobile phone.

I’m unemployed again. For some time ago, I started work with the swedish support for iOS users. But recently we were too many on the helpdesk here in sweden, and they had to let 15 people go. I was one of them. You can say a alot about Apple and there products, but working for them has been quite good to getting to know the mobile business and to learn how iOS and iPhone works. Now I know for sure that I don’t want to have an iPhone any more. =)

I have also starting to watch Firefox OS. I really like what those guys are doing. And I like the idea of an mobile phone OS in HTML5. An light weight OS,  its easy to write software for.

In six days I turn 40 years old, but I don’t feel that old. I’m enjoying life and I’m living with the best family in the world. This year I will start up some interesting projects and work harder towards my goals. 2014 will certanly be an interesting year.

Stay tuned for more info later on…

My schedule at the moment: Loco work and programming

In a few days I have been Team Leader for the Swedish Ubuntu Loco for two weeks. I feel that too much time has gone to try to stop the sometimes too hard discussions we have had on the swedish discussion forum. Too much of my energy has gone in the wrong direction. I’m going to have a meeting with the TC and the moderators on the forum, to find a solution for this situation.

I’m also trying to put together the active members who wants to work in our project groups. I want to get as many as possible of the project groups active again, so the swedish community can reach out and get more interested members. I believe that the most important groups at the moment, are the translation group and the marketing group. When we have those groups working, we maybe can try to start up the local meetings again.

Our new Team Contact, Jan Friberg, has recorded the first episode of the Swedish Ubuntu Podcast. He has made a really nice work, and I think it will be really good after a few episodes.

When I’m not doing work the Swedish Loco, there are lots of webprogramming being done at the moment. PHP, HTML5 game programming and a lot of reading for the LPI-tests I’m going to take later this year.

Swedish Ubuntu Loco Team Leader

For a few days ago we had an IRC-meeting in the Swedish Ubuntu Loco. That meeting was the first meeting for me as the new Team Leader. Jan Friberg is the new Team Contact. I believe that we are gonna have a very interesting year in front of us.
Both Jan and I agreed that we have to work for getting more new Ubuntu users into the community. And we also has to get both the new and old members more active in different activities, both online and irl.

Jan is also working hard to get the communication and reporting upstreams to the Ubuntu staff to functioning better. We really hope to get the Swedish Loco to be an approved Loco again.

Among the first thing we will work on is to get the project groups and the forum to functioning better.

I’m really looking forward for this year as the Team Leader, and I hope I can do some good for the Swedish Ubuntu Loco.

UDS 14-16 May, 2013. Be there!

Tomorrow its time for Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) again. It’s an three days event online.

There will be a chance to learn more about the development of Ubuntu, and to be a part of the development.

You can read more about the different events and register to participate on the events website

I will report here in my blog about my thoughts after the event is over, or if I have the time for it between the different mettings.

Post-Install Script för Ubuntu 13.04

Jag har under en längre tid funderat på att skriva ihop ett “post-install”-script för att enkelt kunna installera mina vanligaste applikationer och göra lite instaällningar, efter att jag gjort en ny installation av Ubuntu. Idag hittade jag en intressant version av ett sånt script på Sam Hewitt’s blogg. Eftersom hans script var fritt att ladda ner, göra om och distribuera vidare, så kollade jag igenom det.

Nu har jag gjort lite ändringar på det och gjort så det passar mig bättre. Jag anser inte att det är helt klart ännu, men det ska nog vara säkert att använda i alla fall.

Om ni vill kolla mer på det, så finns det på min GitHub-sida.