Back to Linux

For a few years ago, I was very active in the Linux world. I was developing, translating and I even was Team Leader one year for the Swedish Ubuntu Community. Since then I have been working in both Mac OS X- and Windows-environment. But I feel more and more that I miss the Linux environment. OS X is quite okay to work in as a web developer, but I feel a bit too locked in, in that system. Windows is like a nightmare in every way.  It’s a terrible environment to work in, and we hardly need to talk about the security and privacy bit of the system. I’m very interested in computer security and I want to have control over my privacy when writing something on my computer or checking something up on the internet.

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Going under cover

The last year or so, I have been thinking about try to be more invisible on the web. Leaving less information about my private life.

And now after the surveillance scandal, I have benn thinking a lot more about it. I feel that I want to separate my private life from what I want to show on the internet. I’m doing a little list of things that I can change to leave less information about myself on the web.

Some things are:

– Close my Google account.
– Close my Facebook account.
– Just use Linux as my Operating system. (check)
– Switch to an Open Source OS on my phone. (working on it)
– Try to use just open source software. (check)
– Use a secure webmail instead of hotmail and Gmail. (working on it)
– Stop use Google search engine, and use something like instead. (check)
– …

If you have any more tips, please make a comment with them, and I will update my list.

Some of the things on the list is already fixed, but some are a bit more difficult to do. For example, I use Facebook almost every day to hold contact with some of my friends. A lot of them is just using Facebook, so I will “loose contact” with them, if I switch over to another social community. 

Many of the things mentioned above doesn’t go well with my interest in developing Android apps. Maybe I will switch over and make apps for Ubuntu Phone instead when its ready and spread.