ColorCodes website

Uploaded a small project today that I have been working on for a while.

The site is called ColorCodes, and it makes it a bit easier to choose colors for your next web project. The site shows you about 300 different colors and shades of colors. It also gives you the name for all the colors.

With just a quick click with your mouse, you can copy the colors hex codes to your clipboard for easy pasting into your code.

Go check it out at :

You can also fork the site on github:

Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Next Project

There are many reasons why your should choose WordPress for your next web project. One of the first reason is that its free. Its both free as in free beers, and its open source. You can go to and download the source code and install it on your own web server, or you can go to and sign up for a free account on a shared web server. The .com-version does not have all the features as if you have your own installation. But if you install it yourself on your own web server, you can install what ever theme or plugin you like. That is not something you should do, without knowing that there aren’t any security holes in the plugin’s (or theme’s) code first.

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The wonderful feeling of writing

The last few years I have had a growing interest in the art of writing. I have written a few books, and have a few books started or in the planning phase. I also have a growing number of blogs where I write. I have this blog, that is my personal blog with texts about the internet, software and web development, and my other “professional” interests. I also have a blog in Swedish about my other large interest, running. Another blog I have is a Swedish blog about my family and my life after loosing my wife last year. The last blog I have at the moment is my “business blog”, with my apps and that stuff.

I have written two books. One about XML programming, and one about freelancing. I have started writing on a novel, and have ideas for a few more books.

I like writing, and Windows Live Writer is a program on my computer I use more and more. I do feel that this software is starting to get a bit outdated, and I’m searching for a replacement. Any suggestions?

Some other fields that is quite near this that I’m getting more and more interested in is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and copywriting. In the near future I will post some articles about those stuff here on the blog.

My daytime work is  to work as a Web Developer on a Swedish company, but when I get home from work I like sitting down writing something. Sometimes I write a few chapters on a book project, and some other days I write some texts for my blogs. The common thing is that I really like writing. It’s a wonderful media for teach something, or to express how you are feeling, or to keep a journal how your training is going.

When programming at my day work, I have to follow certain rules. Everyone have their own style when programming, but there are some rules you have to follow in order to get the result you want from your code. When I come home and write for my books or my blogs, I can let my mind wander free. How the texts comes out depends on how I feel at the moment, but it’s a wonderful feeling when you really let your imagination take you to places you have never visited before.

I haven’t written that much here on this blog in a while, because I did aim to keep the texts on this website in certain fields, but I’m starting to feel that maybe I will start loosening up on that. Hopefully I will post some text about blogging, SEO and near by fields.


So, a new year has past, and now we have arrived at 2014. This blogpost will be a short report about the last year, and some thoughts about what 2014 hopefully will bring.

I have been Team Leader for the Swedish Ubuntu Community now for about eight months now, I think. It has been a very awarding time, but also a very frustrating time. The Loco here in Sweden has not been working that great the last couple of years, but with a lot of work, it’s on the right track now. Hopefully it will be less arguing and fighting on the message board, and we all start working together to bring Ubuntu to the masses.

There has been to much time and effort just to make peace between the members. At least it feels like I got a few members start working for the Ubuntu development, with translations and advertising for the operating system.

I have been testing Ubuntu on my Nexus 4 mobile phone too. I was quite skeptical in the beginning, but after I have tried in “in real life”, I think they are doing a great work with the system. Canonical will be the first to make an operating system that is working on all platforms. The same system om computers, tablets, mobile phones, tv’s. At the moment I have both Ubuntu and Android 4.4.2 dual booting on the phone, since I’m working on some apps for android too. Hopefully I will start making some small apps for the Ubuntu phone too.

Ubuntu for the mobile phone.

I’m unemployed again. For some time ago, I started work with the swedish support for iOS users. But recently we were too many on the helpdesk here in sweden, and they had to let 15 people go. I was one of them. You can say a alot about Apple and there products, but working for them has been quite good to getting to know the mobile business and to learn how iOS and iPhone works. Now I know for sure that I don’t want to have an iPhone any more. =)

I have also starting to watch Firefox OS. I really like what those guys are doing. And I like the idea of an mobile phone OS in HTML5. An light weight OS,  its easy to write software for.

In six days I turn 40 years old, but I don’t feel that old. I’m enjoying life and I’m living with the best family in the world. This year I will start up some interesting projects and work harder towards my goals. 2014 will certanly be an interesting year.

Stay tuned for more info later on…

Summer and personal projects.

It’s quite a long time between the updates here now. Partly because the lovely summer weather has arrived here in Sweden, and the rest of the family is free from schol and work. I’m trying to spend some time with my kids and my wife now. Bathing, eating ice-cream and the usual summer-family-stuff…

I’m also working on some personal projects at the moment. Coding a lot of HTML5 stuff. Doing games and apps för Android, IOS and Windows 8. Yes, you read right, Windows 8. You can code native apps for Windows 8 in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, which I think is nice. Like if you make a game in HTML5, you can easily port it to all platforms. I really believe that HTML5 is the language of the future.

The work with the Swedish Ubuntu community is going alright. I feel that the community is going in the right direction. We have worked on it for just a few months now, but It’s working a lot better now than before.

Other than that, I’m currently looking for a new job, so I’f you know of any company looking for someone with good knowledge in Linux, Windows, Web development, please tell me. I can work from home or around the town Örebro in Sweden.