ColorCodes website

Uploaded a small project today that I have been working on for a while.

The site is called ColorCodes, and it makes it a bit easier to choose colors for your next web project. The site shows you about 300 different colors and shades of colors. It also gives you the name for all the colors.

With just a quick click with your mouse, you can copy the colors hex codes to your clipboard for easy pasting into your code.

Go check it out at :

You can also fork the site on github:

Hectic is in the App Store

My new iOS game, Hectic, is now in the Apple App Store. It went through the review process without any problems on the first try.

As usual as soon as you go live with a new project, you get a lot of ideas about stuff that you want to change. So did I this time. I have a list with stuff that I will correct and change in an update that will come pretty soon. But if you install the game now, you will get a little notice in the app when the update is online, so you will not miss it.

I have also started to sketch a new game, that I will slowly start working on any day now.

Have a look at Hectic at the official website for the game,

Fullscreen iAd’s in Swift games

Put together some code for showing fullscreen iAds in Swift games.

This is something I had some problems with before to get to work properly. So as soon as I solved the problem, i made a small project out of it and uploaded the project to my GitHub account.

You can take a look at it here.

Skärmavbild 2015-05-12 kl. 16.12.44

(And Yes, I have stolen this images from Apple’s site).

Book Review: The 7 Day Startup


I have just finished reading a very interesting book. Its “The 7 Day Startup“, by Dan Norris.

Its a quite short book, ~200 pages, about launching up a profitable business in a week.

Dan Norris has been in the web design business for many years, and started up several businesses, but they have never really taken off like he wanted. In this book he describes how he had one week to start up a new business and make it profitable before he had to start making something completely different instead. When he started up, which was a really big hit. The book tell his story, and gives a plan for what to do every day during the week of the launch. After reading the book you can get some nice resources on the website for the book too.

It’s an easy to read book, and it gives a lot of good information. It sure has changed my planing for my next big project. I’m not sure if I will make my launch in 7 days, but I have got some good points in planing my next launch from the book.

I can highly recommend this book for everyone thinking about launching some kind of business on the internet.


September income report

Many developers/internet entrepreneurs has started to blog about how much their sites/projects is making every month, so I’m going to start doing that as well.

At the moment I only have one website up that is made to bring in some money every month for me. It’s a site I’ve made to test the ”List Builders Academy” course. You can see the site at It’s a course that spans over 5 months, that shows how you can build a large e-mail list and make quite a lot of money out of it. I had the site up for 1 week in September, but the site did managed to bring in $36  for me during the first week. Not much, but a nice start.

I will keep up the work with the list in October, and see how much the income will progress this month. I will also start up a few more projects, like one on YouTube and one on Facebook. It will be interesting to see which platform that will be most profitable.

Entrepreneur projects:

Site:                                                     Profit:              Change:          $36                      —

I will make the income report longer next month, when I have worked a bit more on income, and started up a few more projects. I’m also thinking about writing som guides about how to start up small money bringing sites.