ColorCodes website

Uploaded a small project today that I have been working on for a while.

The site is called ColorCodes, and it makes it a bit easier to choose colors for your next web project. The site shows you about 300 different colors and shades of colors. It also gives you the name for all the colors.

With just a quick click with your mouse, you can copy the colors hex codes to your clipboard for easy pasting into your code.

Go check it out at :

You can also fork the site on github:

Book of snippets

I have a lot of stuff going in my life at the moment, so I don’t have the time I wish I had to update my blog. But hopefully I will get more time for that soon.

I have started to collect all my little code snippets that I have spread all around my harddrive. Thinking about collecting it all in some sort of a book.  It will be quite some good-to-have code in PHP, JavaScript, CSS and some for WordPress too. I will let you know when I have decided how, where and when to release it.

Enchant.js, perfect for aspiring HTML5 game developers


During the last year or so, I have tested the most HTML5 game frameworks out there. There is quite a few quality frameworks out there on the internet, and many of them are pretty good. Some of them are a bit more targeted for more advanced users. But if you are a novice HTML game developer, I can suggest that you should look at Enchant.js. Enchant.js is very easy to start developing smaller games, and a good start for the aspiring game developer. You can download and read a bit more about it here. There even is an online code editor at

This is how easy it is to make a small “Hello World”-application in enchant.js:

Type this code in index.html:

<!doctype html>
<script src="enchant.js"></script><script>// <!&#91;CDATA&#91;
    var game;

    window.onload = function() {
        game = new Core(320, 320);

        game.onload = {

            sign = new Label();
            sign.text = "Hello World!";
// &#93;&#93;></script>

Edit: I forgot to tell you about a good book about Enchant.js.
The books name is: “HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js“, and its a really nice book about the framework. A really good investment if you want to start coding some HTML5 games.