Book of snippets

I have a lot of stuff going in my life at the moment, so I don’t have the time I wish I had to update my blog. But hopefully I will get more time for that soon.

I have started to collect all my little code snippets that I have spread all around my harddrive. Thinking about collecting it all in some sort of a book.  It will be quite some good-to-have code in PHP, JavaScript, CSS and some for WordPress too. I will let you know when I have decided how, where and when to release it.

My new book about freelancing is out

My new book about Starting freelancing as a web designer is starting to sell over at Leanpub today. I have been writing on this book on and off for a few months now, so it feels good that it is finished now. It’s an easy to digest guide for the aspiring freelancer. Hopefully it will answer all your question about starting to freelance.

Read more about it here.

Head over to Leanpub and buy your ex of the book now. =)

Cover image of my new book Start Freelancing.

Virtual Assistant for a freelancing web designer?

At the moment, I’m reading Timothy Ferriss excellent book “The 4-Hour Workweek
“. It’s a very inspiring book, and I hope to be able to implement as many of Tim’s ideas as possible in the future. I have been thinking about the Virtual Assistant-thing. What is the best way for a freelancing web developer to use a VA? Is it possible to use a VA in a good way when freelancing in the web design-world?

Sure, I can use a VA to handle all invoices and that stuff, and some of the marketing. But is it possible to use the VA in another way? to get new customers? What’s your take on this?

Book Review: Work for money, design for love

I have just finished reading the book “Work for money, design for love” by David Airey. The most of you have surely heard of David as a leading graphic designer, specializing in brand identity design. Ha has also written a few other well known books, like Logo Design Love. Work for money, design for love is a book that gives the answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting and running a successful design business (so it says on the cover).

Work formoney, design for love book.

I must say that I really enjoyed reading this book. It was easy to read and understand. David have taken help from quite a few other designers to answer all the questions that usually come up about starting your own design firm. I believe this is very positive because you get other designers view on how to deal with clients, and projects and such stuff.  I learned quite a lot from reading this book, and it did answer some of the questions I have about running a design firm.

This is a good book to read, and have as an inspiration in the bookshelf for any designer out there.

Website for the book.

New book about ios8 game development

There is a new book over at Packt Publishing, about iOS 8 game development with Swift. I was involved in that project as an expert reviewer, and I can guarantee you that this book is very good if you want to learn how to program games in Swift.

Siddharth Shekar, who has written the book, is very good and professional in learning the writers in both SpriteKit, SceneKit and some Metal.

So head over to and order your copy today!

Skärmavbild 2015-06-02 kl. 14.50.22


Book Review: The 7 Day Startup


I have just finished reading a very interesting book. Its “The 7 Day Startup“, by Dan Norris.

Its a quite short book, ~200 pages, about launching up a profitable business in a week.

Dan Norris has been in the web design business for many years, and started up several businesses, but they have never really taken off like he wanted. In this book he describes how he had one week to start up a new business and make it profitable before he had to start making something completely different instead. When he started up, which was a really big hit. The book tell his story, and gives a plan for what to do every day during the week of the launch. After reading the book you can get some nice resources on the website for the book too.

It’s an easy to read book, and it gives a lot of good information. It sure has changed my planing for my next big project. I’m not sure if I will make my launch in 7 days, but I have got some good points in planing my next launch from the book.

I can highly recommend this book for everyone thinking about launching some kind of business on the internet.