Why You Should Choose WordPress For Your Next Project

There are many reasons why your should choose WordPress for your next web project. One of the first reason is that its free. Its both free as in free beers, and its open source. You can go to wordpress.org and download the source code and install it on your own web server, or you can go to wordpress.com and sign up for a free account on a shared web server. The .com-version does not have all the features as if you have your own installation. But if you install it yourself on your own web server, you can install what ever theme or plugin you like. That is not something you should do, without knowing that there aren’t any security holes in the plugin’s (or theme’s) code first.

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Why everyone can and should blog

For not that many years ago, it was considered very difficult and only for the most tech-savvy people to create a new website on the internet. It was quite hard to start an account at a hosting provider, and it was very difficult to create the website and to get it in place on the web server. And if you had something of value to write about, it was hard to know what the visitors thought about what you had written about. Very few of your visitors emailed you about what you had written on the website.

But the times has changed. Now we have all the blogging platforms, which makes all the hard work very simple for us. You can start a new blog with just a few clicks on the mouse, and the visitors can comment directly on the website for both you and other visitors to read and comment back to them. You don’t have to know any programming language to make a new post on your blog, and you can easily style your website with different themes without ever touching the source code of the website.

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The wonderful feeling of writing

The last few years I have had a growing interest in the art of writing. I have written a few books, and have a few books started or in the planning phase. I also have a growing number of blogs where I write. I have this blog, that is my personal blog with texts about the internet, software and web development, and my other “professional” interests. I also have a blog in Swedish about my other large interest, running. Another blog I have is a Swedish blog about my family and my life after loosing my wife last year. The last blog I have at the moment is my “business blog”, with my apps and that stuff.

I have written two books. One about XML programming, and one about freelancing. I have started writing on a novel, and have ideas for a few more books.

I like writing, and Windows Live Writer is a program on my computer I use more and more. I do feel that this software is starting to get a bit outdated, and I’m searching for a replacement. Any suggestions?

Some other fields that is quite near this that I’m getting more and more interested in is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and copywriting. In the near future I will post some articles about those stuff here on the blog.

My daytime work is  to work as a Web Developer on a Swedish company, but when I get home from work I like sitting down writing something. Sometimes I write a few chapters on a book project, and some other days I write some texts for my blogs. The common thing is that I really like writing. It’s a wonderful media for teach something, or to express how you are feeling, or to keep a journal how your training is going.

When programming at my day work, I have to follow certain rules. Everyone have their own style when programming, but there are some rules you have to follow in order to get the result you want from your code. When I come home and write for my books or my blogs, I can let my mind wander free. How the texts comes out depends on how I feel at the moment, but it’s a wonderful feeling when you really let your imagination take you to places you have never visited before.

I haven’t written that much here on this blog in a while, because I did aim to keep the texts on this website in certain fields, but I’m starting to feel that maybe I will start loosening up on that. Hopefully I will post some text about blogging, SEO and near by fields.

Book Review: The 7 Day Startup


I have just finished reading a very interesting book. Its “The 7 Day Startup“, by Dan Norris.

Its a quite short book, ~200 pages, about launching up a profitable business in a week.

Dan Norris has been in the web design business for many years, and started up several businesses, but they have never really taken off like he wanted. In this book he describes how he had one week to start up a new business and make it profitable before he had to start making something completely different instead. When he started up WPCurve.com, which was a really big hit. The book tell his story, and gives a plan for what to do every day during the week of the launch. After reading the book you can get some nice resources on the website for the book too.

It’s an easy to read book, and it gives a lot of good information. It sure has changed my planing for my next big project. I’m not sure if I will make my launch in 7 days, but I have got some good points in planing my next launch from the book.

I can highly recommend this book for everyone thinking about launching some kind of business on the internet.


A successful test on boosting traffic

When you are blogging for profit, its a very good idea to plan your posts depending on what’s is happening in the near future. As you can see on the picture below, I did just that when Apple were releasing the new version of OS X. As you can see the traffic on my blog were just skyrocketing the day after the release.

Both you and me know that many web developers use Mac’s as their primary development machines, and I have been using the Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) for a few months now, as I have had the possibility to use the Developer Preview of the new version. I had noticed that there was a problem with using MAMP on the Yosemite, so I wrote a small blog post about how to make MAMP work in Yosemite. And as I had suspected, people were searching for that fix the days after the release.

I didn’t do any work to monetize that particular blog post, but we clearly see the possibilities to do that here. Now I have seen that it works, and if I see the possibility again, maybe I will try out the different monitizing possibilities.

September income report

Many developers/internet entrepreneurs has started to blog about how much their sites/projects is making every month, so I’m going to start doing that as well.

At the moment I only have one website up that is made to bring in some money every month for me. It’s a site I’ve made to test the ”List Builders Academy” course. You can see the site at incomeentrepreneur.com. It’s a course that spans over 5 months, that shows how you can build a large e-mail list and make quite a lot of money out of it. I had the site up for 1 week in September, but the site did managed to bring in $36  for me during the first week. Not much, but a nice start.

I will keep up the work with the list in October, and see how much the income will progress this month. I will also start up a few more projects, like one on YouTube and one on Facebook. It will be interesting to see which platform that will be most profitable.

Entrepreneur projects:

Site:                                                     Profit:              Change:

incomeentrepreneur.com          $36                      —

I will make the income report longer next month, when I have worked a bit more on income entrepreneur.com, and started up a few more projects. I’m also thinking about writing som guides about how to start up small money bringing sites.


Weekly newsletter about internet entrepreneurship

I’m about to start a weekly newsletter about internet entrepreneurship. It will be about entrepreneurship, online business, marketing, SEO, list building and some other stuff as well. Sometime i will send some nice surprise to the subscribers too.

Don’t forget to sign up for it here or in the menu above.

Going under cover

The last year or so, I have been thinking about try to be more invisible on the web. Leaving less information about my private life.

And now after the surveillance scandal, I have benn thinking a lot more about it. I feel that I want to separate my private life from what I want to show on the internet. I’m doing a little list of things that I can change to leave less information about myself on the web.

Some things are:

– Close my Google account.
– Close my Facebook account.
– Just use Linux as my Operating system. (check)
– Switch to an Open Source OS on my phone. (working on it)
– Try to use just open source software. (check)
– Use a secure webmail instead of hotmail and Gmail. (working on it)
– Stop use Google search engine, and use something like duckduckgo.com instead. (check)
– …

If you have any more tips, please make a comment with them, and I will update my list.

Some of the things on the list is already fixed, but some are a bit more difficult to do. For example, I use Facebook almost every day to hold contact with some of my friends. A lot of them is just using Facebook, so I will “loose contact” with them, if I switch over to another social community. 

Many of the things mentioned above doesn’t go well with my interest in developing Android apps. Maybe I will switch over and make apps for Ubuntu Phone instead when its ready and spread.


Läste just en artikel om “Shodan”, en sökmotor som jag totalt missat innan. John Matherly heter mannen som skapade den.

Shodan är en sökmotor vars syfte är att leta reda på system som är uppkopplade mot internet. Allt från routrar, datorer och trafikljus… I många fall är det system med väldigt dålig säkerhet, så som standardlösenord från tillverkaren. Vid tester av sökmotorn har man tydligen utan problem kommit ända fråm til styrsystem för bl.a. elverk och vattenkraftverk.

Ganska skrämmande läsning, men bra att dagens dåliga rutiner vad gäller datasystem lyfts fram i ljuset tycker jag.

Här hittar ni artikeln om Shodan på SvD Näringsliv.

Här hittar ni sökmotorn.