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For a few years ago, I was very active in the Linux world. I was developing, translating and I even was Team Leader one year for the Swedish Ubuntu Community. Since then I have been working in both Mac OS X- and Windows-environment. But I feel more and more that I miss the Linux environment. OS X is quite okay to work in as a web developer, but I feel a bit too locked in, in that system. Windows is like a nightmare in every way.  It’s a terrible environment to work in, and we hardly need to talk about the security and privacy bit of the system. I’m very interested in computer security and I want to have control over my privacy when writing something on my computer or checking something up on the internet.

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Spotify i Fedora 18

På Spotify’s hemsida finns det instruktioner för hur man installerar Spotify i Ubuntu, men kör man Fedora står man utan installationsinstruktioner.

Jag letade just efter bra instruktioner för hur jag skulle göra, och hittade Christian Berendt‘s blogg där det fanns bra instruktioner.

Så här ska man göra:

Bygg ett RPM-paket:

sudo yum install rpm-build rpmdevtools yum-utils
cd $HOME/rpmbuild/SOURCES
spectool -g spotify-client.spec
sudo yum-builddep spotify-client.spec
QA_RPATHS=$[2|8] rpmbuild -bb spotify-client.spec 

Installera så RPM-paketet du byggt:

cd $HOME/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64
sudo rpm -Uvh spotify-client-

Sen kan du starta Spotify i din startmeny som vanligt.