ColorCodes website

Uploaded a small project today that I have been working on for a while.

The site is called ColorCodes, and it makes it a bit easier to choose colors for your next web project. The site shows you about 300 different colors and shades of colors. It also gives you the name for all the colors.

With just a quick click with your mouse, you can copy the colors hex codes to your clipboard for easy pasting into your code.

Go check it out at :

You can also fork the site on github:

Hectic is in the App Store

My new iOS game, Hectic, is now in the Apple App Store. It went through the review process without any problems on the first try.

As usual as soon as you go live with a new project, you get a lot of ideas about stuff that you want to change. So did I this time. I have a list with stuff that I will correct and change in an update that will come pretty soon. But if you install the game now, you will get a little notice in the app when the update is online, so you will not miss it.

I have also started to sketch a new game, that I will slowly start working on any day now.

Have a look at Hectic at the official website for the game,

My new game is soon going live

Not so many new posts here in the blog, but working hard on several projects at the moment. In a few days I will go live with a new iOS game, named Hectic.

Its a small game that is quick to play, but surprisingly addictive once you start playing it. I have had the game out for bets testing a few days, and the response have been great.

You can see a short video of it below. I have changed some things in the game since recorded the video, but you can at lest get a little glimpse of it.

100 projects in 100 days

Whenever feeling you have a bit too much to do, start another great project.

Today I started up a new personal project of mine. The idea is that in (hopefully) 100 days, I will create 100 small(ish) projects, and upload to this website. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a photograph, a small website, some small experimental JavaScript code, an app, or just about anything that kickstarts my creativity.

My inspiration for this project comes from Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 websites in 180 days and the Give it 100-website.

Check it out, and I will try to have something new for you everyday for 100 dyas from today.

Concentrating on the development now

At the moment I have a few projects going on. I can’t say anything about a few of them, but as soon as they are ready for release, I will write about them here.

But I can write a few words about some of my own projects. I have a few iPhone apps that I’m working on. Nothing large and fancy, but a few apps that I want to make. Its two small games, and one sleeping aid app. The sleeping app is because I personally need one. Having a hard time finding one I like, so I decided to make one my own.

One other project I’m working on is a framework for developing responsive websites. Something like Bootstrap, but a bit different. I have watched a few tutorials on the subject, and building something I like from there. I have the most of the main framework finished, and working on a presentation site for it with some documentation how to use it. I like the result so far, and looking forward to use it on some sites.

There will be grids. A lot of grids.

Some nice buttons too.

And even icons.

I will release it as open source when its ready.
I have abandoned som of my “money making”-projects. I feel that after I got some nice projects to work on, I don’t really have the time to develop those sites. I’m putting more effort into the web- and app-development business now.
I’m really looking forward for this winter/spring when I’m about to release some really nice products on the net.

Weekly newsletter about internet entrepreneurship

I’m about to start a weekly newsletter about internet entrepreneurship. It will be about entrepreneurship, online business, marketing, SEO, list building and some other stuff as well. Sometime i will send some nice surprise to the subscribers too.

Don’t forget to sign up for it here or in the menu above.

Making MAMP work in OS X Yosemite

This is mostly a quick post for myself, so I can remember how I did this. 

When I installed the beta of OS X 10.10, also called Yosemite, my MAMP stopped working. MySQL was starting as usual, but it just refused to start Apache. After doing a quick search for this problem, I found some tips that helped me making it all work again.

I made sure that MAMP was set up so it used the usual ports for Apache and MySQL, port 80 and 3306 that is, instead of the 8888 and 8889 that is default after installing MAMP.

After that I did a search for the file envvars in Finder, and renamed it to _envvars. 

After doing those two steps, I could start both Apache and MySQL again.