About me

“I create nice things on the web”

My name is Peter Ahlgren, and I’m a web developer and internet entrepreneur from Sweden.
I love to create stuff for the internet.

Some of the things I do is web development and app development. I also enjoy writing.

On this blog I will be writing about my projects, tutorials and some articles about whats going on in my life.

I have been working with computers and programming since 1999, and have worked on projects for some of the largest companies from around the world like: Warner Bros, Disney, Ultimate Arcade, Cancer och Allergi Fonden, Lexicon and many more.

In the past I have been working in different desktop and server environments like Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Some of the things I have been working with:

– Flash development for Warner Bros and Disney.
– Web development in HTML/CSS, ASP, PHP for a lot of customers.
– Writing articles about web design in the Swedish magazine Cap & Design.
– Writing a book about XML-programing for Docendo publishing company.
– Holding courses in web design and programmering for Lexicon.
– Application development in Visual Basic, C# and other languages for SCB, RadiSoft and other customers.
– Developing apps for Android and iOS.

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